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Volunteer positions

Announcer (home meets only):
Sits at the table & announces the events and swimmers from a list prepared by the coaches.

Scorer: Sits at the scoring table and keeps a tally of points scored based on results turned in from timers on cards.

Referee (home meets only): Needs to have knowledge of swimming strokes, turns and touches. If there are any discrepancies between the calls of the finish judges, the referee is responsible for making the final call. Refers to ESA rule book as needed in the case of a dispute.

Meet Director (home meets only): Gets pool ready for the meet, removes ladders, places diving blocks, lane ropes & flags, makes certain that we have heat sheets, score sheets, cards, sharpened pencils, stopwatches, etc. Makes certain that both teams have their volunteers in place. Gets Garden City Volunteers.

4 Timers: Assigned to a specific lane, times the swimmers, records time.

Stroke/Finish Judge: Assigned to one side of the pool, the Stroke Judge watches for illegal strokes in those lanes and notifies the referee.Watches race finish and with the other Stroke Judge, calls the places.

Touch/Turn Judge: Assigned to one side of the pool, the Touch/Turn Judge watches to make certain that the swimmer touches and that the turns are legal, notifying the referee if illegal.

Runner (home meets only): Takes cards from timers and delivers them to the scorers.

50/50 Sales (home meets only): Sells 50/50 tickets to the crowd of both home and away teams.

Concessions (home meets only): Several volunteers are needed to serve, organize and sell food.

Ribbons (home meets only): Need at least two volunteers to fill out the ribbons with names, event details and times for each event from the time cards.

Ribbon prep (before each home meet): Pre-fills the ribbon envelopes with the appropriate number of ribbons for the upcoming meet.

Results Charts (before each home meet): Fills out the results charts with times for each swimmer for each event that they swam from the previous meet. These are posted at each home meet for the swimmers to see their progress.