You can now pay your membership using PayPal. We are offering the option to either pay your membership in full or in 3 installments by using PayPal. If you choose the installment method, please make your 3 installments so that your membership is paid in full by June 1st. PayPal buttons and options are located at the bottom of the page.

Poolside Fun
Once again this year, we are looking forward to another fun summer at the pool and we want you & your family to be a part of it! Join the Garden City Swim Club this year and take advantage of all the pool has to offer with some of the lowest membership rates around. Plus, our facility is among the best! Make the summer even better and join the pool. Get your family & friends to join too!
Join today and have a great summer at the pool with the Garden City Swim Club!

Remember…all Garden City Swim Club Members are required to follow all pool rules and policies at all times. Make yourself familiar with our Pool Rules and our Pool Policies.

Membership Definitions
Before you sign your membership application and pay the fees to join the Garden City Swim Club for the 2016 summer swim season, you will need to pick the membership that best suits your family situation. The following definitions will help you decide which plan is best for you & your family. Remember, memberships can be upgraded at any time! Click here for the 2017 Membership Application.

All memberships purchased before June 1, 2017 will receive a 10% discount.

New Full Family @ $230
Same description as Full Family (see below) with the exception that this must be the first year that the family has belonged to the Garden City Swim Club. If the family has belonged before, there must be a break of four (4) years between membership years.

Full Family @ $300

Adult head(s) of household (NO MORE THAN 2) and dependent children under the age of 19. Please note the only exception: if you have a child that is a full-time student still dependent on the head(s) of household (PROOF REQUIRED), up to a maximum age of 25, then he/she will be considered part of a Full Family. Anyone 19 years of age or older, that is not a full-time student, must have his/her own membership.

Family Weekend/Holiday @ $200
Take advantage of Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day as well as each weekend.


Individual @ $200

A person may join as an individual member if they are 12 years of age or older. If the person applying for the Individual Membership is under the age of 18, then that person’s parent or legal guardian, 18 years or older, must sign the membership form. Proof of age may be required.

Couple @ $260
Two (2) adults may join as a couple if they live in the same household.

Parent and One Child @ $260
One (1) adult and their dependent child.

Senior Citizen @ $75
All senior citizens are invited to belong as a member if they are 62 years of age or older as of June 1st.

If you are choosing to pay using PayPal please select one of the following options and complete this 2017electronicMembershipApplication. Please attach your completed application form to an email and send to

To pay your membership in full, select from the following membership types and select the Pay Now button.

Membership types

To pay your membership in three installments with the 10% early payment discount, select from the following membership types and then select the Pay Now button. You will need to come back two more times to make your installment payments so that all payments are received before June 1st.

Membership types